(661) 255-1114 Ekata Training Center Valencia reviews Excellent Review Ekata is exemplary!  They offer lots of classes in multiple styles taught by incredible teachers. The establishment is gorgeous and spotless. No gross martial arts gym, more like a spa, they even have a massage therapist on staff. The best amenity, for me, is that Ekata offers child care with your membership. I have never left my child with anyone who was not family before, and I am very comfortable leaving my 2 and a half year old  in their day care.  If you knew me, you would understand what a compliment that is. Ekata listens to their members they take great pains to accommodate their members. I have never enjoyed a gym before, but I cannot get enough of this place. I will be enrolling my son as soon as he turns 3. I tell everyone about Ekata, it is an amazing experience. Oh, and did I mention what GREAT shape I am in now?  I am fit, and I am learning how to defend myself. It does not get better then this. Ekata Training Center 27831 Smyth Dr Valencia CA 91355-4011 This is a really cool video. Check it Out Now!



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