(661) 255-1114 Ekata Training Center Valencia reviews Excellent Rating Beautiful facility, friendly knowledgeable staff, an oasis to get grounded physically and mentally. I love their Savate (french kickboxing) class for a martial art with grace and power. All the martial art classes offer a good workout that keeps me from getting bored. I’m excited to try Hip Hop and Fencing classes as well. The general workout area is open with views of the trees and it’s never crowded. The meditation room is a great way for you to reconnect with yourself. Gym showers are usually something you want to avoid but Ekata’s showers make me want to work out just so I can shower there! Last but not least, they have yummy gluten free ice cream and healthy snacks/tea. Definitely a different kind of gym filled with so many ways to get a good workout, it’s worth checking out. Ekata Training Center 27831 Smyth Dr Valencia CA 91355-4011 This is a really cool video. Check it Out Now!



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