(661) 255-1114 Ekata Training Center Valencia reviews Excellent Review I’ve been training in Martial Arts on and off for about 25 years.  I have to say this is by far the best place to train I have ever been in. Especially in Santa Clarita, there appear to be a Tae Kwon Do school on every corner.  I am all for people learning the martial arts and have no problem with this.  But go in and check out any of those school, then come to Ekata as see the facilities and what they have to offer and you will left to the same conclusion as I came to.  It’s a no-brainier really. The facilities are incredible.   Top instructors in each art come here to teach each week from all over the LA area.  Lots of fitness classes, a full gym and more!  It’s really about your whole life and lifestyle, rather than “just another Karate school” I’m really only giving you the tip of the iceberg.  Bottom line is it’s a great facility, top notch instruction, and friendly positive environment.  There truly is something for everyone here.   I cannot recommend this place enough Ekata Training Center 27831 Smyth Dr Valencia CA 91355-4011 This is a really cool video. Check it Out Now!